We are continously developing and improving our products. Bol-Dog was founded in 2012, and the result of this process is the quality you get with every Bol-Dog products is outstanding. Thereforce we are happy to offer you 2 years of warranty!
We only work with premium, quality materials as we strongly believe in the comfort and safety of our pets. 

Some key highlights of how our products are made to be a market leader:
- We strengthen every sewing 4 times, while using strong, thick threads. We seal all the sides, lint stands no chance
- The metals we use are all stainless, welded, so they won't open even under the heaviest load..
- Our buckles are imported from Germany, they are premium quality, made of superstrong technical plastic. Buckles are bended as well, perfectly following the contour of your dogs neck. Causing no discomfort during extended wear.
- Our textiles are durable, color-proof and withstand everyday use for a long time. All our products can be machine washed!

Bol-Dog.Com: Proudly manufactured in Hungary, Europe. Since 2012.  
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