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My heart dog harness
6200 Ft 4960 Ft-20%
6700 Ft 5360 Ft-20%
7200 Ft 5760 Ft-20%
7700 Ft 6160 Ft-20%
7900 Ft 6320 Ft-20%
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Heart patterned dog harness.

Recommended width: XS: 2 cm, S: 2-2.5 cm, M-L: 2.5-3 cm, XL: 3 cm

Find more information (size, type, using) about the dog harness HERE.
Product Information: It is made of welded metal parts and a strong technical quick-release buckle. The textile part is made of a strong, ribbed polyester webbing and a tough, patterned ribbon.

What makes a set:
My heart dog collar
My heart dog leash
My heart dog ID tag
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