LED safety lamp
1290 Ft
1540 Ft
1740 Ft
LED safety lamp for Collars and Harnesses
Strong light, comfortable to wear. Compatible with all our Collars and Leashes. Your dog can be seen from a distance, making nighttime walks much safer. Others will be aware of your pet, and you can keep an eye on him/her from a much larger distance.

- Soft silicone shell
- 3 functions: constant light, slow blinking, fast blinking
- Available in 3 colors: green, red or blue with embedded paw pattern (its very cute :) )
- Compatible with any of our collars
- Great waterproofness ( we have tested it, easily withstands the heaviest rain or snowy conditions )
- We deliver with 1 battery included, ready for usage. Battery can be replaced! One battery lasts for up to 100 hours. (Here you can order compatible extra batteries.)