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Tisza-tó feliratos póráz Tisza-tó kutya szett
Tisza-tó feliratos póráz
Lake Tisza dog leash
metal color
4400 Ft
5900 Ft
6900 Ft
Lake Tisza patterned and inscription dog leash with dark blue background.
What makes a set:
Lake Tisza dog collar
Lake Tisza dog harness
Lake Tisza dog ID tag
Lake Tisza key holder
Lake Tisza safety belt

A 2.5 centimetres wide, 150 cms long fully decorated leash can be seen in the picture.

Product information:
✔ Welded metal parts
✔ The textile part is made up of a strong, ribbed polyester webbing and a hard-wearing ribbon with your chosen pattern
✔ Strengtened with multiple rounds of sewing
✔ A small pocket is strategically placed at the handler side, so you can easily hang your DOGGIE BAG HOLDER.

The most typical length for standard leashes is 150 cm and 200 cm for training leashes.

LEASH TYPES - more about each one.

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