Dear Owners! We would like to give You some gifts! 

Until the end of 2020.11.29. Sunday*
- For all new purchases we pack a free Hand Sanitizer into your package
- Over 10.000 HUFs (or ~28EUR) we are giving you an EXTRA gift of:
  Either a LED lamp (for collar/harness) OR a pack of our brand new product: BIO degradable poop bag package (enough for a month or so)
  (Gifts will get activated automagically at the checkout, right before payment)
- Over 20.000 HUF (~56EUR) shipping is also entirely free inside Hungary

Have fun looking around! :)

All our Sets   Winder collection

* The promotion is valid for purchases made between 2020.11.24. 00:01 and 2020.11.29. 23:59
The given limits of 10.000 and 20.000 Ft is based on the total product price, excluding any shipping or and handling fees  
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