We strive for offering the best and quickest possible shipping options on the planet. Every package is insured and properly packed to avoid damages to the order.


Our delivery partner is the DPD courier service

- HUF 1290 in Hungary
- They deliver in Hungary with a deadline of 1-2 days, they are flexible, they try several times.
- The date and time of delivery will be sent by e-mail, if it is not good, you can change it.
- Cash on delivery is also possible with the courier, but this entails additional costs.
- Free within Hungary over HUF 20 000!

The receiving point partner is FoxPost

- HUF 890 in Hungary
- Packages are delivered to the parcel point within 2-3 days.
- It's good for those who don't want or can't adapt to the courier



- We have contracts with several courier companies for the most favorable prices. You can find the prices on the basket page if you have selected the country.
- If you would like to order to a country not listed, let us help you!  
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