- You can choose to have any collar or harness personalized straight in the webshop. Custom text is added using a special long-lasting technology onto the same material as the collar or harness itself. Read more here.

- This product line is a distinct segment of Bol-Dog offering.
With the unique products you have complete freedom to present your ideas, favorite motives and we will help you to make your fantasy come to reality in the shape of a Bol-Dog dog accessories.
All you need to do is to tell us what would you like to see on the collar (or leash, key-holder, id tag) and we will prepare a design draft for you.
Should you have any concerns about your own creativity, don't worry even for a second, you can choose any of the designs in our webshop and we will customize it according to your wishes (name of your dog, phone number, etc).
Once the draft is ready, we will send you by email, and make sure to polish it until you are perfectly satisfied with the results!

If I managed to get you excited and you crave for more info: Please check out:  WWW.EGYEDINYAKORV.HU/EN



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