???? BOL-DOG SALE OF THE YEAR!! Don't miss it????

  • Over 14 EUR* of purchase: You can choose from 3 GIFTS (see below)
  • Over 28 EUR* of purchase: GIFT + FREE SHIPPING
  • Over 69 EUR* of purchase: GIFT + FREE SHIPPING + 10 % DISCOUNT on the total amount
  • We also send out copons of 1.4 EUR with every order.*

About the gifts:

1. LED lamp, soft silicone shell, soundless, safety accessory collar and harness, red/green color
2. Key holder design perfectly matches your puppy's set, a suber accessory
3. Bol-Dog BIO poop bag 4 rolls (1 package), 100% biodegradable 

Duration of Sale: 2021.11.18 - 19. (Thursday - Friday)

Discounts are automatically applied at checkout in the cart.
Check out our seasonal holiday collection: Bol-Dog Winter Collection

* EUR limits listed here are based on exchange rate of 2021.11.17., cart to reflect actualized amounts any given time
* Offer can not be combined with any coupons or other sales
* Reaching limits is calculated based on item prices only, exclusive of any shipping fees
* Free shipping applies to orders with shipping address inside Hungary. Valid both for courier and packetpoint based deliveries.
* A single customer can place any number of orders during the offer timeframe.
* The 500 HUF (~1.40 EUR) coupon is going to be sent out at the time of handling over the package to the courier/packetpoint. These coupons can be used forward purchasing any of the items on the website and are valid for 30 days.
* The 10% discount applies to any fullprice nonsale items.

Have a great shopping spree! :)

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