Bio kutyapiszok zacskó lebomló kutyapiszok zacskó bio kutyazacsi
Bio kutyapiszok zacskó
Bio degradable poop bag
1290 Ft
2380 Ft

Dog poop bag made out of corn starch. 100 % environmentally friendly. Perfect complimentary product for our Bol-dog POOP BAG HOLDER.

Unit size:
4 rolls of 16 bags, 64 pieces total.The bag size is M (19*28cm), which is sufficiently long and durable for the more delicate manoeuvres. 

Why is this product better than your "usual" poop bags?

- 100% biodegradable
- Eco and Earth friendly
- The bags decompose naturally, without the use of chemicals 
- Made without inner plastic tubes
- Small but mighty: durable design
- Product of Hungary

 Storage: Min. 1 year,  keep unused rolls out of direct sunlight.  
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