About myself :)

If you are reading these lines you know exactly what I think of when I say each dog is a real character. If they could „bark” which type of dog-collar to choose, they would. I think my products play not only a practical role in the everyday life, but an aesthetic too, which expresses the personality of your dog. It can also express togetherness and friendship as well.

I try for high quality. I use excellent material, from the durability/strength of the thread to the ribbons, which are manufactured exclusively for the Bol-Dog dog-collars. Besides these I pay close attention to the metal parts and plastic buckles. All of them are high quality. We are continuously thinking hard and creating newer and newer ideas about how to renew ourselves both in products and in colours, shades and patterns. I am very happy for the satisfied dog owners’ positive feedbacks and the photos of their favourites, which are the best inspiration for me. It is fantastic to walk with my dog bumping into you, dear Bol-Dog dog owners! And the number is higher and higher.

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