Bol-Dog.Com Proudly manufactured in Hungary, Europe. Since 2013.

Foundation of Bol-Dog has sharted back in the day, when I became a dog owner myself. I was allowed to visit Kleo -my first puppy- when she was 3 days old and from then on I've spent all my weekends at the kennel's home (for their greatest pleasure), just so I can see my puppy grow by the day. I have read all the books to train myself to be a good, self-confident owner, to lead the flock and to raise her in the best possible way. By now I'm the proud owner of 2 dogs, "Dezi" got adopted 1 year ago and she is now an integral part of our little pack.

Just as when training dogs, I am also keen on being precise in other aspects of life. When I brought my first puppy home, I went through a massive selecton of dog products, before the idea struck me: as I couldn't find the collar and leash I'd want to see on her, it would be great if I could materialize my vision by creating them myself! :)
And so to say, the rest is part of the history… 
Since 2013 I'm creating custom, colorful collars, leashed and other accecories with outstanding quality and durability.
Fast forward to today: me and my small team are working hand in hand extensively to research all the premium quality materials that we can use to create you amazing products. For us quality and durability is a must. We believe that our colorful fresh ideas and unique designs play a great part in our success story, proven by hunders of positive feedbacks given by our satisfied customers.
We love the way our customers - the owners of Bol-Dogs- give us valuable feedback by using our products day by day all around the World. If you are one of them, thank you! As a Bol-Dog Customer you know exactly that wearing our products is a distinct feeling. Among our extensive set of patterns and colors, everyone can find the perfect match, wether that be a collar, leash or other accessory. And the selection just keeps growing! 

Please have a look on our website! Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message!

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